Goblin Goo-py Fun

We interrupt this Monday to bring you Halloween science fun! 

We LOVE science this time of year. (We love it all of the time, but especially now). The gooier, goopier and grosser, the better! This particular experiment is called Goblin Goo. You can find the instructions and science behind it here, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, along with lots of other fun science experiments. With one cup of cornstarch and 1/2 of water (we had to increase it to 3/4 cup) and food coloring, you can have lots of fun!


We began with red food coloring, but decided to get a little crazy and mix all of the colors and this is what we ended up with. (Cue the poop and vomit jokes).



 Go ahead. Add a little goopy, gloppy, gooey mess to your life. It’s good for you!


*You are welcome to link back to my blog, but please do not use my words without written permission. All photos on this blog are the property of Prairie Gulch Farm.*

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