DIY Chicken Waterer

Here, on our little farm, we have a tendency to go through those metal chicken waterers. They seem to get broken, a lot. Could have something to do with having 3 boys, I don’t know. Come to think of it, things get broken around here, a lot. Most things are just not made to out live boys. Just a simple truth. I digress. Back to the point of this post. I was looking for an alternative to purchasing yet another chicken waterer, when I came across this post Homemade Chicken Waterer. I was so excited! A homemade chicken waterer using a 5 gallon bucket! The only thing I had to purchase for this little project was the plant saucer the bucket would sit in. I found one on Amazon for $8.99. (I actually ended up using a feed saucer I already had because the plant saucer I purchased was too small). The chickens love it and it was so easy I am going to make a few more!



 Here’s what you do. Using a 1/2″ drill bit, drill a hole below the lid. (You will need to have a lid for your bucket. It creates the air pocket needed to automatically refill the saucer).

Next, fill the bucket with water, replace the lid and turn it upside down in the saucer.

That’s it! You’re done! A homemade automatic chicken waterer! A project done in 3 minutes and money saved! I wish fixing fence could be done in 3 minutes.


*You are welcome to link back to my blog, but please do not use my words without written permission. All photos on this blog are the property of Prairie Gulch Farm.*

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