This Week on the Farm

This really a post about the last 2 weeks on the farm. It’s definitely been a crazy up and down ride with the weather here, as I know it has been pretty much all over the country. Near 80’s dropping to 30’s in a matter of hours. I have practiced much restraint and self-control on those gloriously warm, sunny days and have not given into the urge to plant outside, especially those crops that cannot handle a little cold.

Pallet Garden Space

We prepared beds, planted a few seeds in the ground and in our raised beds (corn, squashes, radishes, more greens), transplanted our rhubarb, and created a new little pallet garden space where I’ll grow herbs and greens. I made a double batch of granola (recipe coming soon),

Riding Horses

and worked and rode horses.

The guys worked on a few pieces for orders from our Etsy store (you can check it out here)

We are getting ready to make repairs on our current greenhouse and finish building one we started a while ago, but has been put on the back burner. I’ve also got a few more raised beds to build, and hopefully by next weekend we’ll have everything finished and planted!

Until next time…

Mother's Day Sunset


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