This Week on the Farm

This was our first week back on the farm after a two week vacation visiting my brother and his wife in Kansas City. Well, technically one of the weeks was a planned visit with family, the other week was spent at my parents’ house waiting for our broken down truck to be fixed.

Vacations are always fun, but it really is good to get back home. We had a TON of rain while we were gone, so the weeds were out of control! Also, our pond (now a small lake) is overflowing its banks! Unlike the overgrown weeds, a full and overflowing pond is a welcome sight. It’s actually been a bit too cold to swim, but there are plenty of other ways they’ve found to enjoy our little farm pond. You see, this is the first time since last summer we’ve had ANY water in it. Everyone is hoping for a good freeze this winter so we’ll have a skating rink! Oh the possibilities!



Homeschool began again this week. We’re diving back into history, science, math, poetry, Shakespeare, books, books, and more books. The boys are 8th, 9th, and 11th grades this year. I am in LOVE with their ages! The transition from boys to men is truly an amazing one. We have such wonderful conversations and their senses of humor make me proud!

The chilly, rainy days this week have provided a perfect opportunity to do some canning. My sister-in-law shared some cucumbers from her garden with me, so I canned some Bread and Butter pickles. YUM! I also pickled some watermelon rind. Double YUM! (If you have not ever made pickled watermelon rinds – you need to!)

I pulled up the remaining beets, carrots, and kale that survived this summer. It was a beautiful, little harvest. I plan to pickle the beets, roast the carrots, and eat (then freeze the rest) the kale. I’m a glutton for punishment (some would say), so, even after losing our spring/summer garden, I began planting a fall garden. I’ve planted kale, spinach, collards, mustard greens, arugula, beets, garlic (to harvest next spring), cabbage, and radishes. Homesteading – it’s a life built around trying, failing, and trying again.

Our little harvest

As fall creeps closer, activity around here ramps up, but we are still making the most of the longer days and warmer evenings.


Until next time…


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