This Week on the Farm

Whew! This week had me praying for the weekend to come early! How about you? It was one of those appointment-errand-football practice-football game-filled weeks. Driving, driving, and more driving. I’ll tell you that all it takes is one trip into town, with all the traffic and noise, to remind me of why I don’t really want to leave the homestead. I can handle a week slammed with farm chores, building projects, and garden work without batting an eye, but put me in the middle of traffic and I’m done!

We’ve been finding a rhythm in our homeschool. We started the second week of August (right after we got back from a trip to visit family). It typically takes a few weeks before we know how our schedule is going to work (there is always a difference between a planned schedule and an actual schedule – can I get an Amen?). This year is a little different for us because my oldest decided to homeschool again (after 2 years at our local high school). So, we’ve got 8th, 9th, and 11th grades this year.


Our youngest is playing football with the local middle school again this year. Homeschoolers have the opportunity to participate in sports and other extra curricular activities with their local school. We had our first game Wednesday and won it 20-6! The team we played has always been a tough one (the grow their farm boys big), so it was a great boost to our boys to win it. Go Bulldogs!


I made up a bunch of seasoning mixes. I really like to make my own because I know what is going into them. They are really easy to whip up. I keep bulk dried herbs and seasonings on hand so I can make whatever I need: taco seasoning, ranch dressing seasoning, Italian seasoning, seasoned salt, you get the picture. I’ll get those recipes up for you soon.


With fall quickly approaching (and winter right on its heels), we are stocking up on hay to feed the horses during winter.  Some friends of ours are moving to Oregon and can’t take their horse with them, so we are going to be adding him to our herd. We are not able to sustain them throughout the winter with only what we can grow on our farm, so I’m thankful for a farmer friend who has extra. We went to pick up what we’ll need to get them through. I love the trade & bartering that exists within the farming/homesteading/ranching community. It’s a beautiful thing.

Oh! And we got two new puppies. Meet Dixie and Jo-Jo. They are a Blue Heeler/Catahoula mix and they are precious!


Until next time,


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