How I Keep From Losing My Mind

Living on a homestead is enough of a reason to need plan my days. It seems like there is not enough time to get everything done. We are also a homeschooling family, so my days are pretty planned out. I have, however, learned to be flexible and to NOT be bothered by things left undone. I know it’ll all get done eventually. I figure as long as my people are fed and happy and the animals on the farm are fed and happy, then it’s been a pretty good day. 🙂

That being said, I am a planner at my core and so I make lists and plan my days. If nothing else, it gives me a place to start and I can prioritize to make sure the really important things get done. Here are the three main ways I keep us on track.

1. Block planning for homeschool

We follow a six-week on, one-week off schedule in our homeschool. I do my planning in six-week blocks. I use our week off, to plan the next six weeks. I really like this, because it allows us to see what is working and what might need to be tweaked to better fit the needs of my kids. The boys are 8th, 9th, and 11th grades this year, so they have some really great input into how things are/are not working for them. This is a really great way for us to stay on track and make sure they are not getting lost in something that just doesn’t work for them. We can make adjustments before it gets too far gone.

2. Meal planning

I began making a weekly meal plan when we first started homeschooling. I quickly found that meals became a big stressor for me, especially if we had crazy day, because it was one more thing I had to think about. That left us eating sandwiches way too often. At the beginning of each week, I make a meal plan for that week. I have somewhat of a rotation we follow. Monday will usually consist of left-overs – meat that we’ve smoked or grilled over the weekend. We, of course, have Taco Tuesday. I try to spice things up by making variations of tacos each week. (I’ll be sharing some of those ideas in an upcoming post). I have at least one crockpot meal during the week, and at least one day of left-overs (of course, that all depends on how hungry my crew has been that week). Fridays we like to have homemade pizza (try this one) or breakfast burritos.

3. Daily To-Do list

Each morning, as I’m drinking my coffee, I make a to-do list for that day. I jot down anything that might come to mind. My list typically includes chores to be done before school starts, tasks to be completed after we finish the school day, and any chores to get done in the evening. Some days I cross everything off the list, and some days I have to move things on to the next day’s list.

These simple habits help to keep my days from completely derailing. How do you keep yourself on track? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas!


*You are welcome to link back to my blog, but please do not use my words without written permission. All photos on this blog are the property of Prairie Gulch Farm.*


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