Make Your Own…Seasoning Mixes

If you read this blog or follow us on Instagram, you know we love making our own stuff. Whether it's building our own greenhouses and shelters on the farm, using recycled materials to create items for our own home (and Etsy store), or making my own mixes in the kitchen. Doing so much ourselves saves... Continue Reading →

How I Keep From Losing My Mind

Living on a homestead is enough of a reason to need plan my days. It seems like there is not enough time to get everything done. We are also a homeschooling family, so my days are pretty planned out. I have, however, learned to be flexible and to NOT be bothered by things left undone.... Continue Reading →

This Week on the Farm

Whew! This week had me praying for the weekend to come early! How about you? It was one of those appointment-errand-football practice-football game-filled weeks. Driving, driving, and more driving. I'll tell you that all it takes is one trip into town, with all the traffic and noise, to remind me of why I don't really... Continue Reading →

Baked Chicken Spaghetti

This week has been a whirlwind of appointments and errands in town. This usually entails a 45 minute drive, one-way, to get where I need to go. Combine that with football practices and games, and it's needless to say, we've eaten a lot of sandwiches. Today is the first day I am at home, so... Continue Reading →

Make Your Own…Cream-of…Soups

I love casseroles, and cooking in my crockpot (mostly because I can make large amounts of food that will feed my growing crew), but I don't like canned cream-of-anything soups. I did some experimenting and discovered how simple it is to make your own. It doesn't add much extra time, either. I don't know about... Continue Reading →

This Week on the Farm

This was our first week back on the farm after a two week vacation visiting my brother and his wife in Kansas City. Well, technically one of the weeks was a planned visit with family, the other week was spent at my parents' house waiting for our broken down truck to be fixed. Vacations are... Continue Reading →

Easy Breakfast Burritos

I seriously cannot believe it! We are in the last week of July! What happened to summer?! This whole time-flying-faster-as-you-get-older thing is ridiculous. My hubs and I were discussing this with some friends yesterday and he said someone explained it to him this way - when you are 15, one year is 1/15 of your... Continue Reading →

This Week on the Farm

I hope you enjoyed your week and had a wonderful holiday celebration with friends, family, and loved ones. My parents made a surprise visit this past week. We had a great time! We've been busy in the garden, however, if you follow us on Instagram, you saw that we had a pretty nasty hail storm... Continue Reading →

Homemade Fly Spray

Warm weather is here! Hallelujah!! With the warmth comes green pastures for the horses, an abundance of bugs and worms for the chickens, sunshine for the garden, long days for work and play, and...flies. Don't forget the flies. Who can forget the flies?! If you've read my blog before, you'll remember how much I detest... Continue Reading →

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